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Healthy Pregnancy


Can We Eat Momos During Pregnancy?

Avantika Singh, June 10 2024

Momos are a favorite for all of us. It’s also a common snack that a lot of women crave during their pregnancy. However, is it safe to have momos during pregnancy? Generally, it is advisable to avoid fried food and junk food during pregnancy. However, with the use of quality ingredients and the right preparation techniques, momos can be indulged...

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What To Do When Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy?

Avantika Singh, May 14 2024

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman’s body, including weight gain, hormonal fluctuation, increased food cravings, etc. It is a complete hormonal process that starts with the fertilization of the egg by a male sperm. It changes the body in a way that requires more resources to

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List of Pregnancy Complications

Avantika Singh, January 30 2024

Pregnancy is an exciting time in every woman's life, not only for women but in a couple's life. However, the pregnancy journey comprises its ups and downs, and by downs, we hint at pregnancy complications. Now, you might do everything in your power to avoid pregnancy complications; however, it is impossible to avoid their chances. Let's...

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What is the Best Time to Drink Saffron Milk during Pregnancy?

Avantika Singh, January 22 2024

Consumption of saffron milk during pregnancy is a widely recommended age-old practice in India and many other countries. The main reason why it is a traditional practice that is still followed today is the lure of having a healthy baby with a fair complexion. Besides this myth, saffron milk has specific health benefits, as researched by...

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Best Food To Eat For A Healthy Pregnancy In Winter

Avantika Singh, December 27 2023

Winter comes with colder temperatures and various fruits and vegetables packed with high nutritious values, which should be part of your winter diet in pregnancy. The seasonal fruits and vegetables that come in winter provide all the nutrition required to boost your immunity during the winter, and these foods can help satisfy your pregnancy...

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Health Benefits Of Having Fish During Pregnancy

Avantika Singh, December 11 2023

Seafood is an excellent source of protein, zinc, and iron, one of the essential pregnancy foods for your baby's growth. However, including fish in your pregnancy diet chart is not easy as there are some considerations to consider before consuming it. Doctors recommended avoiding fish with high mercury levels. Are you unsure whether to consider...

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Benefits оf Anterior Placenta During Pregnancy

Avantika Singh, October 27 2023

During thе awe-inspiring journey оf pregnancy, various aspects cаn influence thе overall experience. Оnе such fасtоr is thе position оf thе placenta within thе womb. While an anterior placenta during pregnancy is common, it holds several unique advantages. Аn anterior placenta during pregnancy refers tо thе placenta attaching tо thе front wall...

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5 Natural Remedies for Treating Insomnia During Pregnancy

Avantika Singh, September 8 2023

Hormonal changes typically bring on insomnia during pregnancy. At some point, particularly during pregnancy, people experience insomnia, which might be a pregnancy symptom. Fortunately, various natural treatments are available to assist pregnant women in overcoming this

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Is High White Blood Cell Harmful In Pregnancy?

Avantika Singh, June 21 2023

Pregnancy is exciting, but a rollercoaster is. When you are pregnant, your body will undergo many changes – emotionally, mentally, and physically. The experience can be quite traumatic if you are not aware of it. One such concern is the hematological alteration in the form of high white blood cell count in pregnancy. However, should you be...

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