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Avantika Singh, December 11 2023

Health Benefits Of Having Fish During Pregnancy

Seafood is an excellent source of protein, zinc, and iron, one of the essential pregnancy foods for your baby's growth. However, including fish in your pregnancy diet chart is not easy as there are some considerations to consider before consuming it. Doctors recommended avoiding fish with high mercury levels. Are you unsure whether to consider fish as beneficial or pregnancy food to avoid? Find it out here!

Benefits of Fish During Pregnancy

As a part of pregnancy tips, here are five key benefits of including fish in your diet chart:

One of these essential fatty acids is omega-3, which is particularly good for developing a baby's brain while pregnant, which will further enhance their mental health and neural growth.

Fish-based DHA improves the baby's sight and neural development for average growth.

Protein sources during pregnancy and in utero growth as fetal fish tissues are required while also meeting the nutritional needs of pregnant women who change their bodies.

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Consuming enough fish with ample omega-3 is associated with lesser chances of premature labor, leading to better childbearing stages.

Fish provide various essential nutrients, including omega 3, which benefit maternal mood by minimizing chances of developing postnatal depression and improving overall health.

Safe Consumption Practices

When navigating fish consumption during pregnancy, cautious choice is a must. Here are vital guidelines:

Choose salmon, tilapia, and cod as they have low levels of mercury and are safe for pregnant women.

Seek at least two to three portions every week, ensuring adequate nutrients while avoiding mercury overload.

Avoid swordfish and king mackerel because they have terrible mercury, which can damage your baby.

Ensure you cook all your fish thoroughly and do not have any traces of bacteria or parasites in line with pregnancy food safety.

Consult pregnancy diet charts for a comprehensive list of safe and unsafe fish, aiding in making informed dietary choices.

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Overall, fish consumption during pregnancy is safe until it is consumed with all the essential precautions. Also, you can invest in preserving cord blood stem cells to secure your baby's future from life-threatening diseases. Visit Cryoviva to learn more about stem cell banking and how you can make a difference for your family and baby.

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Avantika Singh


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