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Avantika Singh, February 19 2024

Tips to Increase Chances of Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a significant period in a woman’s life, and all mothers-to-be want an easy and safe childbirth. Normal Delivery is considered a vaginal birth and the most common method of giving birth naturally. This expulsion of the foetus from the womb through the vagina is called Parturition.

Due to lifestyle changes and lack of physical activities, the majority of women opt for C-sections. Although the mode of delivery depends on various factors, some pregnancy tips can definitely increase the chances of normal delivery.

Tips to Have a Normal Delivery:

Some of the common tips to have a normal delivery after your pregnancy journey include:

Preserve Your Child's Healthy Future By Cord Blood Banking

As this pregnancy journey goes on, always remember that it is most important to listen to your body and trust your instincts. However, not all pregnancies and deliveries are the same; sometimes, there may be unforeseen developments.

Going with cord blood banking of a newborn umbilical cord gives them stem cells for a lifetime of potential health benefits. Stem cells may help treat genetic conditions, cancers, immune disorders, and much more as research continues to expand. Investing in cord blood banking with Cryoviva could be a smart way to plan for a baby’s brighter future!

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Avantika Singh


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