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Avantika Singh, February 29 2024

Is Having a Watery Discharge During Pregnancy Normal?

Many patients ask about discharge during pregnancy. Physiologically, the vaginal glands are known to secrete a certain amount of clear, odorless, white secretion. Discharge/amount varies depending on many factors, including different stages of menopause.

White discharge during pregnancy is mainly due to increased secretion of estrogen, so it is normal if there is no unpleasant smell or colour change. Let us know more about it.

Is Watery Discharge Normal During Pregnancy?

Yes. During pregnancy, you may have more vaginal discharge than usual. This is called leucorrhoea. It usually appears clear or white and does not have a strong odor. But in the later pregnancy stage estimated by the pregnancy calculator, the white discharge may become abnormal. This is because the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are high during pregnancy.

When to Call the Doctor

A thin, clean, or milky white discharge is a normal and healthy part of the pregnancy. It is unusual if it appears:

The above symptoms can also indicate the beginning of various vaginal infections. These infections during pregnancy can cause discomfort and medical complications. In such cases, medical advice or normal pregnancy tips are essential.

You can start with home remedies for white discharge, such as consuming fenugreek seeds boiled in water, coriander seeds water, drinking rice starch, eating lady finger, Indian gooseberry, guava leaves, tulsi, etc.

Step to a Secure and Healthy Future Ahead

White discharge during pregnancy is normal and nothing to worry about. However, if your discharge has a foul smell and an abnormal consistency, it may indicate an infection, and you should seek medical attention.

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